Whats a Delica?
Well a Delica is a cross between a people mover van and a 4 wheel drive. They're made by Mitsubishi Japan, and were intended only for the Japanese market, but all over the world people have fallen in love with this amazingly capable and unique van and imported them. If you're interested in finding out more about where they come from, what options are available etc. etc. etc. please have a hunt first on www.delicaclub.com cos likely is you'll find the answers there.

Who are we?
We are t0me & Neet. We live in Western Australia with our good mate Boss who often joins us on our adventures.

What is Delibago?
Delibago is our Delica home away from home. A 1996 L400 Series 1 Delica Super Exceed V6 3000cc Petrol/LPG long wheel base van. Its converted to a part-time camper and offroader but is also our daily driver. With all the mod's that I've made to the van it earned the nickname Frankendeli, but we call her our Delibago.

Why a Delica?
Well we had a Mitsubishi Challenger previously. We love camping. We hate putting up tents. So we wanted a capable 4wd machine that we could sleep in. Our choices were pretty limited, a Toyota Troopie... or A Delica. For comfort and features, the Delica won hands down.
While hunting for information about Delica's I came accross www.delicaclub.com. The people there were amazing, answering every question I had. Having access to such an amazing support group and resources clinched the deal and we had to have one.